Mental torture by wife

I have been married on Nov 11 2014. It was an arranged marriage. 2 days after the marriage, my wife started picking fights with me for silly reasons. She calls her parents and informs everything at home. She says she wants to live in PG and she cannot live with me. I work in shifts. After I come back home from work, she does not allow me to sleep, she purposely plays video games, switches on lights, bangs door. She has thrown the engagement ring on my face. Picks fights on the road and threatens me that she will call cops. I told her that I'm ready to quit my job for her. She says she does not want to live in my house. She spends hours together on phone. Her parents believe whatever she says and accuse me. They have taken back all the gold worn by her during marriage(we made them sign on a bond paper). its been 3 months and for the first 2 months of marriage, she did not let me touch her. I fell on her feet not to fight. She keeps changing her behavior. One day she is fine, the next day she changes. She does not do any household work and complains about the food that my mom makes. My shift changed and she says I'm lying. I called my transportation department and made her listen, still she says I'm lying. I don't ave words to describe what I'm going through. My mother is a single parent and she has raised me with great difficulty. What do I do. What are the measures that I can take