harrassment of mother-in law

Sirs, I am married since 1999 and have 2 sons (10 years and 3 years old). My mother in law is a very dominant lady with high ego and money minded. She has a superiority feeling that she is mother in law and She never accepted me as a family member and always says I am an outsider. She never talks to me and expects me to do everything normally. She never called me by my name. The whole family want me to tolerate everything and advise me to adjust. I have faced severe harassment for petty things in daily life. I ignored all these thinking my husband is only son and we have to stay together and we have the responsibility to take care of his parents. The house where we stay alongwith my mother in law and father in law since my marriage is in the name of my father in law. Ground floor was re-constructed during my marriage with my father in laws money (PF money as we were told) and my dowry money. Other loan we have taken was repaid by me and my husband. My father in law retired in 1996 and have no other source of income since then. The pension they receive is mere 500 (Family pension) as we were told by them. In the ground floor there was a single portion, apart from double portion, the rent for which was taken by my mother in law. I am in private service and all the household expenses are borne by myself and my husband. They never spend single rupee inspite of taking rent of 10,000 per month. Out of our savings, we constructed first floor in 2005 for which we have taken my in-laws permission. My mother in law accepted with a condition that she would take one portion rent. After a period of 6 months, she started saying to me this is not your house and you have built your flat in first floor so go and stay there or at your parents house. She told her daughters (3) wont come if I am there. She said I will share this house to all my children not only the son will enjoy. My sister in laws are very well settled and all of them have their own houses and the children are well settled in US. We are staying in first floor since 6 years and now she says it is her house and we have no right to live there. She fights and shouts for small things and abuses me and my parents . Now she even started harassing physically. My sister in laws are supporting her and guiding. My father in law is very soft person and is under their control. We have invested all our money on this house (from last 15 years) and we have no other house to stay in. This is not only the issue related with house, but also the mental harassment I am facing daily as she says I have no right to stay there and abuses using bad language daily. I want to file a harassment case against her and my sister in laws. I am fed up with all this and want some mental peace. Kindly advise.