Asking high compensation.

My wife has filed for divorce on june,2013 for the first time with support of an outside agreement made in front of an advocates agreeing that she has to be paid a maintence amount and my babygirl of 3ys now ,shall be taken care by me. later she violated the agreement and asked for more money 27lks and tok the baby from me and withdrawn the divorce case . and filed too many other cases on me and later withdrawn all . now on sep2014 i filed for divorce but she is still asking for that huge amount and not agreeing for the divorce now am stuck with this life. what will be the courts dicesion ? . The agreement which was made before clearly states that she has got all the money and gold which was given at the time of marriage which was worth only 6 lakhs . please advice what should i do? she is an MBA graduate currently working . but in court she said she is not working and does not have any income . I dont want to pay such a huge amount putting my life in trouble nad my parents in delima . am an engineer in saudi . but now my contract is goin to end. please advice