I am residing in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, working in state government firm. I got married in 2005. I have two children of age 5 and 8. My wife has suspicious friendship with neighbouring boy of age 23. As said earlier I belongs to a small village, so usually rumour mongering about their suspicious relation which led to doubtful adultery. After all, finally my close well wishers indicated and warned about the same issue because it is way connected to the honour of the family. Finally I suggested my wife that not speak and not to allow him into the home. After few days of this incidents I doubted by her actions and started checking her mobile, suspiciously I found that every time she is clearing her dialed call data. I questioned about the same issue then she started saying cock and bull stories, by hearing I lost my control and thrashed my hands into her body which left some marks. After 2 or 3 days of this incident she ran way to her mother's place and started complaining with false acquisitions by fueling with those marks. After a week I went there, their relations started quarrelling and false charges against me. I annoyed by their behaviour, because of my small kids concerned I took her to my home. Surprisingly she didn't realise by these consequences, evidence of simple difference in action as " she is daily going his home as a guise of his (boys) mother about some transactions in place of he is coming to my home as earlier. I observed and kept this stress on my bite this stuff nearly about a couple of weeks, then finally I took this issue to her concern. By result, with no leaving answer she again ran to their parents and challenging from her home with the team of her relatives. Please suggest the action which I should take and think about my children.