Fake Marriage certificate

Dear Support, Im 33 year old male; One of my fiend(a lady), proposed me to marry her; I was not accepted her proposal and denied many times; since she is also my good friend initially, I didnt consider her proposal serious and hence adviced her that im not interested; Later, she behaved too restless and filed a case agianst my mom, claiming HCP, that my mom made me home arrest, not allowing me to live with her; Following documents are evidenced to HCP; 1. She also prepared a fake temple marraige certificate with my sign forged 2. Few pictures taken as selfie in her home, when I visited; 3. Few bank transaction from my acocunt to her 4. Few chat message I declared to court that im set free not been controlled by my mom; Later she filed a case in Women help line with all fake documents, the counselling team called and counselled twice and they threat me that they file case on me as cheating this lady and put me behind bar; Now what should I do? I need clear certificate from court that my still a Bachelor and the fake temple donation marraige certificate is void? Pls guide