Settlement done at Allahabad HC but wife is not withdrawing 498A

Dear Sir, My wife had filed 498A and other cases against me and my family in district court at her hometown( My hometown is different). I went to Allahabad HC for quashing the said FIR through filing a Criminal Misc. Writ petition. In which the HC directed for mediation at its mediation centre. Settlement Agreement was done at Allahabad HC's mediation centre on Dec13. Under the agreement following terms & conditions were made & agreed upon by both the parties. 1. I have paid half the alimony amount at the mediation centre itself , other half will be paid at the date of filing of 13B. 2. I have given all the Streedhan as claimed by wife during mediation only. 3. It was directed in the settlement agreement that the wife shall withdraw all civil & criminal cases ( maintenance, DV , 498A) within one month from the settlement agreement date i.e till Jan14 and she had agreed to this. 4. It was directed that 13B shall be filed after another one month from withdrawal of cases i.e Feb14. 5. Based on above settlement agreement the HC has given the order with a direction that "Both the parties comply with their respective obligation under the aforesaid agreement". But none appeared before the court for the respondent(wife) despite notice. 6. After settlement at HC the girl & her father changed their mind and instead of withdrawing the cases they started pressurizing me(husband) to file 13B first. 7. But I sticked to the settlement agreement and didnt file 13B in Feb14. 8. They went to Allahabad HC in Feb14 and filed a Recall against Allahabad HC order(Point 5 above); but their Recall application was outrightly rejected by HC by stating that "No ground for Recall of the above order is made out". 9. After that till Dec14 they tried a lot to pressurize me to file 13B but I never succumbed to their pressure. 10. Recently in Jan15 , they( & their lawyer) have given information to my lawyer that they have withdrawn all the cases. My lawyer asked them to send a copy of withdrawal order. 11. They have send three orders saying it of maintenance, DV and 498A respectively. 12. In 498A order the only thing mentioned is " That the court has accepted the Final Report given by IO ( which has been accepted by the girl) in the FIR ." Now Sir, My query is 1. Whether the 498A FIR is quashed based on the above order? 2. If not than how it will get quashed? 3. Now what should I do after knowing that the wife has malafide intentions?