Admission Of Guilt as Evidence

My wife separated from me 9 months ago after filing a complaint of assault with the Dubai Police. But the Dubai Police refused to register a case for lack of evidence.My wife does not have any proof of domestic violence as I have not hit her. Later on my wife and her father asked me to give them a written apology to reconcile the marriage( I have an email from my wife saying "I need a written apology from you and your parents or there is no question of coming back" and a whatsapp message from my father in law saying "Your apology is not enough you have to post an apology on facebook" ). They also told this to the priests who tried to patch up our marriage. So I sent an email saying "I am sorry I hurt you and I hit you. Please forgive me". Now they have used this e-mail while filing for divorce saying I have admitted hitting my wife in email. They fooled me into believing that they will not file for Divorce. Can I get the court to dismiss the email as evidence saying it was given under duress/undue influence.