Maintenance resulting from seperation due to Domestic Violence.

A woman, with 4 young daughters, wants to separate from her husband on grounds of continuous physical, mental, emotional torture for the past 24 years since the marriage along with humiliation from his family including false charges of witchcraft. The children have been emotionally n mentally traumatized by the father's behavior since childhood. The woman married him out of love when only a teenager and was forced to discontinue her studies by her husband. After 2 years of torture she had also gone back to her parents' but forcefully brought back by husband n his relative promising to stop cruel behavior. But her beatings continued. Now the husband has also dissolved his shipping (logistics) company, once an affluent businessman, and has been staying at home playing games on his iPad for the past 5 years. Wife has been silently suffering along with children fearing their future. But now children too are requesting her to separate unable to bear any more. Children are still in school n college. She is contemplating separation but fears their future and economic difficulties. Please assist.