7th feb'2015

my friend got married before 12 years, now before 5 years he was separate from his ex, he was suffering from her, they have 1 baby child age 5 yrs now she is with my friend (male), wife is not with them since 5 years, now the baby become 12 yrs old, husband file for divorce in 2008 in India, wife came in only i hearing and showed the medical papers for reason that she cannot come to the court, in 2nd hearing wife's father has come, after two or three hearing they (wife) were not coming in hearing. till now it is nearly about 4 to 5 years wife and there parents is not here in her parents house. the parents and wife has left that place . then husband thought he will not get divorce. Now in 2014 husband file again case. they accept the summon and in 1st hearing again she(wife) come and showed the medical papers and ask time from judge, but we knew these all are fake. in her document basis judge gave her time for one and half months time again. in next hearing in this month she showed her medical papers, for animea and other medical problems. and again court has given her 2 and half months time. and openly blackmail husband for not giving him divorce. this is not sure that she will come in next hearing, again she can show the medical for her absence. In next hearing wife openly challenge husband for not giving him the divorce nor she will stay with him, she told she make his life hell. in this position how long she can do like this ? there is no other rule ? how long husband can suffer from her Ex wife ? sir / madam, please let us know the path of getting divorce as soon as possible.