ipc 420/467/468/506/34

Sir my brother accused in Patna Bihar ..charge he take 91 lacs rupes as builder devliper for provide three flat ...but no refund no flat given to informant ...but original matter is party given to advance 51 lacs in company in cash and 14 lacs advance to another work for other company ...but FIR for 91 lacs ...but when deal cancel then my brother refund to him in his new mercedise car 42 lacs and rest cash ...but informant strong ...but AB stay arresting ..that time informant friend fuel another case to other and he arrested by police ..police force to him sing on black paper ..then as per police statement my brother arrest in that case ....we r also file case on informant for our car ....point is ...informant made agreement for sale paper of rs 91 lacs that is fake ...no signature of my brother ...I file application three times ..my signature is fake kindly check by FSL team but JMFC not accept my request ..he is manage by informant ...my brother custody approx 10 months ...plz suggest what I will do for his bail