Partition Suit

My father had 3 shops on one side of road 2 shops on to another side of road in the same locality in kolkata. All these shops along with other persons' shops were demolished by govt for construction of flyover. With nowhere to go for livelihood the affected group of people encroached upon a vacant land nearby and constructed shops thereon with the help of local influential people. My brother & I were also permitted to construct 5 shops. Now my brother says that I do not have any share in these shops as these are all illegally acquired by him with the help of local influential people. He claims to be the absolute owners of all the shops and is enjoying the possession of shops. My question is : a) Can I file a partition suit for such properties ? b) In near future if the real owner of land files a suit against such encroachment , will the real owner do so against my brother who is possessing the same or aginst me also as these shops have germinated from my father's possession of demolished shops c)Is there any way out that he gives me at least 2 shops l