Recover money from relative

Dear sir, I am C.A. by profession and wants a legal help regd. a matter of Recovering Money back from Relative. It would be a great aid in solving it and making it in my favour by your advice. Actual case is as under: Actually there are two things which creates the situation of legal aspect. 1. My grandfather who is aged 83 at present have given money to his daughter in past. Before many years my grandfather paid the money for buying a house for her daughter. My grandfather paid full amount and registered the same in the name of her daughter and son-in-law. Now when we recently reminded for the money then his son-in-law argued that they have already offered money after completion of procedure of house at that time but my grandfather refused at that time to take it. This is completely wrong argument which create a situation to go for legal matter. None of the person from his son-in-law side have ever offered my grandfather for any amount. And my grandfather too stated that nobody ever offered me. On this basis his son-in-law told you have no pending recovery and home belongs to him completely. So please help me for the same now what is the best way to recover the same. 2. My grandfather gave money to his daughter & son-in-law through A/c Payee cheque almost before 3 years somewhere in 2011 or 2012. Now what could be done to recover the same. Yes i understand that validity for legal action expired after 3 years but it was on the basis of trust that they will return it someday so no legal deed were made and we never bothered about time barred debt. PLEASE HELP ME TO SOLVE THIS. THANKS A LOT.