Marital issues and facing domestic violence

I need help as me and husband had 2nd marriage but still having marital issues like very after next day my husband said we will live like roommate and share 50% fo household things and i agreed on that but from inside i don not agree because what is the meaning of saying after marriage we will live like roommate but later as days passed i came to have feeling like my husband is not loyal to me and we don not live like husband and wife relation but after 3 months accidentally i became pregnant and we cannot cancel baby becoz it was too late but for that my husband started fighting till date he is saying i don't want chil u have bring into life etc. and after marriage my husband started abusing me and my parents and also he beaten and hit me many times after marriage and even when i was pregnant and he use to hide all his things which for me it's suspicious activities, he use to lock his almerah, cell phones, laptop etc.. i tried o discuss with him but he is not ready to sit and talk and instead he use to argue and he is involved in many dating sites and adult sites registration from which i have problem because he never ever speak to me and not give time to me and he do these things in net, instead to talking with his wife he use to talk with stranger in net, he may have addiction and all these things my inlaws know but they are not helping me instead they say u both solve ur problem but my mother in laws comes in between for demanding money so my husband again started fighting that ur not sharing in household expenses even i do share and i have 7 months baby i look after my baby also i do all my pre and post delivery expenses then also my husband is saying that i am not giving money to him, please help me, till date i want my marriage to work and one day my husband realize and change but now my brother in-law said to live separate so my husband is doing all things which his family says, i don not understand why he don't take his stand and correct himself. please help me the stage is like we are going to live separate.