Land dispute

I had purchased a land ( INR 27 Lac) in UP in the year 2012 on the name of my self ( female) & my mother in law. The agent presented the fake documents from local court which says this propriety if fine and enforced us to do registry by taking on 5000/- advance, and some post dated cheques, which we did. Further to registry we forwarded that papers to multiple banks ( Scheduled/ Private) for Financing, which was rejected by banks and the reason they gave that this is notified land. we also did a check by our own from respective authority too and it was confirmed that this is a notified land since 1991. We strongly took this up with agent, he admitted his fake dealing, but also tried to convince us that govt will not do anything , people are residing here, noting will happen. However we were not interested to do anything against govt rule, hence we asked him to cancel our deal. and return our posted dated cheques, advances & registry payment. He said that he will return all, when he will get another client to buy that land and we will transfer the registry on name of new buyer. He came to in 2013, where he informed to do the registry for half property. we asked him to give us the half amount ( which we spent earlier) at the time of registry, but he didn't. Now few days before he called to to do the registry for rest half which we have denied and asked to give us the money ( which we have lost due to his fake representation of the documents). Over the phone we was agreed to pay half, and which was somehow compromising for us but we agreed. Now he is enforcing us to come and do the registry and take the payment after registry ( But i know he 'll do what he did last time and will not pay to us). I confirmed him that i will not come unless we get our half money. He said that then i will see me in court which i don't mind and would like to fight against that cheat. Request to please help me understand the legalities behind it and how can i go with this. Note- 1. Cheque which i had give to him are crossed their validity dates 2. The Lum-sum amount is Rs 45-50 K, but my intention to fight against such agent which are going fraud.