deficiency service/malpractice of the bank

Dear sir/madam, I am a customer of SBI having had the deposit of Rs 25,00,000/- as fixed deposit. I applied for home loan in the month of December 2012 of Rs 15,00,000/- by producing relevant documents to purchase a flat(project was approved by SBI) in Bangalore. The home loan was sanctioned in the month of January 2013 but the branch manager refused to disburse the home loan with the demand that I should keep the deposit of Rs 25,00,000/-in the bank itself or I should give the fresh deposit of Rs 15,00,000/- and should lien it to home loan which I refused as I was in need of money to pay to the developer. I withdrew the fixed deposit of Rs 25,00,000/-after it got matured in the month of January 2013. I even complained to RBI complaining against the bank regarding their blackmail but I didn’t get early reply from the RBI and hence I withdrew my homeloan application at the end of January 2013. After one month, I got reply from RBI that the lien was marked against the deposit and since I withdrew the deposit the bank cancelled the homeloan. But before aliening I was not informed and my consent was not taken. To know the reality I applied under RTI and got the copies of documents related to sanctioned home loan and I came to know that bank had lied to RBI and lien was not marked. Then inevitably I took the loan from a finance for higher interest rate which I am paying now. Now, I want to know whether I can claim compensation before consumer forum for deficiency of service/malpractice of the bank and the harassment and mental agony I suffered.