Booking of flat got cancelled

I booked 2 studio apartments (01 on my wife's name and other on my brothre's wife's name) in 2012. There is MOU signed. till date construction has not started in full swing and I suddenly receive a cancellation letter for my bookings sighting non payment. Below is transcript of the email communication with the builder ( there have been many communication but this one sums most of it): 1. The cancellation letter talks about the demand letter, where is the letter as I did not receive any, on none of the postal addresses given to you. 2. I have already paid what ever amount was asked while signing MOU which is clearly evident from the details below. 3. There was no demand letter or intimation of short payment (if there was any) to us. In between ( Dec'2012) there was an intimation of service tax to be paid over and above the amount finalized, that was paid. 4. Taking the initiative I followed up and asked for the payment schedule and made the payments accordingly. There was no intimation to us on the short payments or demands neither by phone, nor by email or physical letter. 5. Before cancellation was issued, there should have been a communication of the action being taken. Secondly if there was over due, you can charge interest on the late payment as per terms but canceling the booking straight away is not at all justified. 6. If the booking was no more a live booking then why was the below table sent to me on 13th dec'14. saying the balance only of the increased amount and rest is paid in full as per demand. Inspite of that, payment was made on 7th Jan'2015 and after proactive follow up from my side. I did not get any call from your side as a reminder or follow up. 7. If the bookings were not live or cancelled then why the new forms were sent to us in sep'2014 and when submitted , mistakes were being told to us in the form and rectified as recent as 20th dec'2014. Why was I again sent a form asking to correct the details and resubmit ?   Customer Code Customer Name Payment Plan Area Total % Due Total Due Rs.  Total Recd  Bal ETTS-0186 Nutan Tiwari CLP 520.00 40%           780,000.00      669,763.00  110,237.00 ETTS-0187 Manisha Dubey CLP 520.00 40%           780,000.00      669,763.00  110,237.00   Considering all the factors I still feel that there is some confusion. There is no non-payment issue as highlighted in the Cancellation letter which could lead to cancellation of the booking. Request you to please take this matter to the concerned person and get it resolved ASAP. I am sure that you would understand that we have kept trust and faith in your esteemed company and invested our hard earned money. You would certainly live up to the trust do the needful to re-instate the booking. If there are any other dues apart from the above table ( already paid) please let us know so that same also can be paid.