Query about stop payment cheque made by be

We are 4 brothers and 1 sister . My mother had 1 acre land and house in my home town (Punganur, chittoor dist AP). When my mother passed away the properies were not settled and my sister put duplicate thumb impression and acquired the property saying mother as given. We filed a case against her and on local civil court it is running from 2007. On parallel, in 2007 I have given by sister husbend 140000RS and one chque for the amount 70000RS (not put any date) to vacate the land and buy the land in other palce. I had mentioned that once you vacate the land you can produce the chque and withdraw 70000RS. Since they were not vacated the land end of 2007 ,I have requested my bank to stop payment of the cheque which I had procduced. Recenly I went asked my sister and sister husbend for vacating land or give back my money. They said that I had not given any money and told that they are going to produce the cheque which I had given in 2007. Today I had received lawer notice saying , I have barrowed the money from them on 15th Dec 2014 and I need pay 70000 amount. The cheque which I had given belongs to Citibank ,Bangalore karnataka, and I received lawer notice from (Punganur, chittoor dist andhra pradesh) could you please let me know how can proceed further.