do daughters have right to claim fathers property if so how??

hello myself Jahnavi ,currently I am working in an MNC we both are girls to my mom(me and younger one)and my sis is doing her mbbs 2nd year. we are facing a lot trouble from my father physically and mentally as he tortured us we lodged a complaint against him some 2years back as he continuously started beating my mom and us like a hell, then there he has given his word that he will not again bother us and will not talk to us nor will come to our home but he will support only to our education and marriage. the thing now is he is not keeping his word ,now he is saying that he has no money with him now hence he cannot afford my sis education so you people do what ever u want. he has got good property with him and is trying to write his whole property to my uncle's son as my mother is second wife to him and his first wife has no children we haven't given partnership in my grand fathers property too... help us to get our right from him only for our education and marriage, my mother didn't get a single penny from him right from their marriage as she got government teacher post.there is a lot more he did to us I can't say everything here we consulted lawyer to file a case against him.. but I still don't have confidence that we can get justice as my father is such a fraud that he can do anything . is there any chance of getting justice to us . thank you.