How to proceed with my marriage dispute..?

Hi , I am running out of an issues where i am recently married of 10 months old and it is an arrange marriage as per Hindu formalities. I have lived with my wife only 3 months and the rest of the months she was living only with her parents and they were taking her for saying all stupid reason of formalities and other religious belief. In the meanwhile, she was pregnant and the baby formation was not proper and it was advised to do Abort("ABORT") with doctors consultation and we did the procedure. Also, we have not registered the marriage so far.. we had many clash between the family since i tried making understand my inlaw that myself and my wife need to get understanding, they refused me a lot. In the begining of our marriage life, a soverign of gold has been missed out which we tried complaining in police station and they refused since they from a village not interested and post that they have taken back all the gold's and other stuff except the Kitchen items back to them without informing us. I tried many times to speak with my wife they are not allowing me to talk with her and giving me all fake reason that I have doubted in virginity by gods way we both enjoyed the love making which she has told myself, mother and my sister about some ladies things on doubts on Sexual activities how to proceed with me.They wanted me to step out of my parents and live with her daughter whereas i cannot do such things since my parents are very poor, they are asking me to send them to orphan. We guess based on this reason are they doing this kind of activites. we have tried with my family members to reach them and not allowing us to meet them. It's almost 7 months gone i have no contact with my wife and not allowing me to speak with her and they are threatining me to give some lakhs together money and other reason. I have some valid proof on this which i had a discussed with my father in law which i have not done any such kind of things.. Also, will this affect my professional career in future if this is going to be filled in family court or any other session. How to protect me in this and i need to live with my wife i know she loved me and they way me had given the same to her. Please advise me on this .. i am from a middle class family and how to proceed this further and either i need to live with her happily or need to come out of this in a mutual separation. Since i know as per legal way now a days legally girls are adding value from government and like me many guys who are not doing any things facing lots of issues. Please advise me waiting for your kind reply,