who will get the property here Sangeeta or Raveena?

Ravi Sharma was an NRI software engineer employed in a company called COMPUSOFT, situated at Monitoba, Canada. During the year 2010 Ravi developed friendship with Raveena through FACEBOOK and gradually developed intimacy with her. In December 2010, Ravi invited Raveena and her parents to Canada and also sent them three (3) Air tickets for their visit to Canada. In response to the invitation, Raveena and her parents visited Monitoba and stayed there for a week. In January 2011, Ravi proposed Raveena for marriage which was also approved by her parents. An engagement ceremony was organized where limited family members participated and after the engagement ceremony Ravi went back to Monitoba. Ravi again invited Raveena after the engagement to come to Monitoba and pursuant to Ravi’s invitation Raveena went to Monitoba on 3rd February 2011. On 4th March 2011 Raveena informed her parents that Ravi and she will soon be married and she was lucky to have such life partner. On 8th April 2011 Raveena informed her mother about her marriage with Ravi at a local Hindu Temple there. She further informed her that, soon they will register their marriage. During 2011, COMPUSOFT opened its branch at Mumbai and sent Ravi to India as the country Head. Sometime during October 2011, Ravi developed intimacy with Sangeeta, a Manager of the COMPUSOFT. Ravi proposed Sangeeta, for marriage and soon they were engaged on 25th December 2011. After engagement with Sangeeta, Ravi’s attitude towards Raveena changed but he did not reveal anything to her. From Monitoba, Raveena informed her mother about the changed behaviour of Ravi and requested her to contact Ravi as he is not responding to her calls. Soon Raveena’s father came to know about the relationship between Ravi and Sangeeta. However, he did not reveal it to Raveena. In the meantime, Sangeeta became pregnant and she pressurized Ravi to marry her. But, Ravi avoided the situation. When Raveena’s father informed Mr. Amit (Sangeeta’s brother) about the relationship of Ravi with his daughter he became very disturbed. On April 10th 2012 Mr. Amit went to Ravi’s office and had hot arguments with Ravi. Later, Ravi ordered his security personnel to drag Mr. Amit out of his office and inform the Police. Soon Police arrived and Mr. Amit was arrested. However, soon he was released on personal bond from the Police station. On the same day, Ravi telephoned Sangeeta about the incident and warned her not to keep any relationship with him any further. On April 12th 2012 Ravi telephoned Raveena to come back to India immediately. When Raveena came back to India, Ravi went to her house and told her that he is no more interested to keep any relationship her. He accused her father as the ‘trouble maker’ and threatened to take legal action against him