personal loan default

in 2007 i was working pvt ltd, my salary that time Rs. 6,750/- my salary account in ICICI bank, suddenly i was received calls in icici bank people said i am eligible for 1.8 lacs loan, i was refused, many times call comes, finally i accept loan and signed no security attached and no witness, next 5 days august 2007 loan amount credited in my account, emi is 6,400/-, my friend told to invest shares and outside interest, 3 months i was paying my full salary, my investment not increase, suddenly i was jobless, i was go to chennai one month working again jobless, my mother also sick, my investment also reduce my friend guidelines not working, i was in rental house with my aged father and mother, i was a jobless, i send my parents in sister house, i was a some part time jobs in next upto 2011, december 2011 i got marriage in temple i was financially sick, july 2012 onwards i am working pvt ltd, my mother expired november 2013 in cancer, i spend my mother treatment and funeral expenses around 1 lac, i am 1 lac private loans, my salary is now 15000/-, my house rent 3,500/- + Milk 1,500/- (2 kids), groceries vegitables around 5,000/-, child care Rs. 1,000+ Child school fee Rs.1000/-, vehicle expense Rs.1000/- (Fuel), pvt loan interest Rs.2000/- others 1,500/-, this is my current position, please help us how to solve my problem, when i was take this loan i am not well physically, mentally, almost like i feel escape person, i was not apply loan volunteerly icici was given loan offers, my life is not happy, unhappy for living, i am living only my kids, please give some possible advice to issue, i want to live free of life. my mail id is [deleted]