Break up after Roka Ceremony

I have engaged with a girl on 6th December 2014, at New Delhi at girl house, in simple ceremony i.e. called Roka in punjabi, there are 10 persons from my side and 7 person from girl side, We give to the girl One set of earning Tops costing about Rs.17000/- and 11000/- as cash and one chunni, dry fruit tokri costing Rs.3000/- and a sweets box. The girls parents gives 2100/- to boy and Rs.1100/- to each one from boy side equal toRs. 9900/- and five sweets box and one fruit tokra and small thali of dry fruits.ony Girls and boy exchanged phone numbers and from the next day they start talking and one 16th Dec. they watched movies in Connaught place. Now from 17th Dec. girl start ignoring me, whenever I call her she say or message after few hours that I was busy, I try to meet her but every time she say something which is not acceptable. Now she is demanding a gift of diamond bracelet costing Rs.75000/- {no proof}, she send me message don't go for roses be green go for diamond this valentine day. Before marriage ceremony I mailed her that I wants simple marriage whether it is court marriage or marriage in mandir without dowry because what we save that will be helpful for our future life. Next day she reply the mail that every thing will be done in simple way. Date was fixed for marriage april 22, 2015. Now she is avoiding me and I want to brake this marriage, because I think its difficult to be in relationship with her attitude. Can I brake it, pl. reply. can girl or her parents take any legal action which can put me or my parents behind bar. A. Kumar