Family Law

Hi, I got Married 2007 ,My Husband stayed 8 months and left to abroad at that time I was pregnant and he never contact me .I gave birth to Baby girl he return india and abused me that I gave birth to baby girl and he left me in my parents home and he went abroad I waited for him for 1 year no contact with me either phone or email after 1 year I went to in laws home with my kid there I had seen my husband after 1year and he refuge to live with me and accept baby but I forcely lived in laws home .One day they told me to bring all gold items ,extra dowry,land document and my father him what they asking except land documents,and they told to bring my orginal certificates I refused harassed me physicaly and I return to parents home to bring educational certificates .Mean ehile they had taken all items and flew away to abroad.,i waited till 1 year,after 1year I applied for family counsiling ,my inlaws booked case on govt family counsolor of Hyderabad and I need to book case 498,DVC,Maintenance.All cases are running and he is not ready to take me or nor he is not ready to accept maintain me and my kid.Still fighting for justice now I need to move abroad but he is not ready to sign to provide passport for my minor child ,He is not ready to take us. Query 1. I need passport for minor child but he is not co operating. Query 2.He is not ready to take us and even he had not applied for Divorce ,he is leading life maintaining another relation ,I am in confusion state. Query 3.All his property named on his father .But his father is unemployed