delay in final hearing, application, lawyer cheated etc

My father (age 56 in 2006) was terminated from service (school teacher) by school administration in 2006 just because he is protesting for his claim as head master. 1. Previously, the education officer had not given approval to school authority for any inquiry against my father, infact he gave letter in court that this termination is illegal. 2. But some how the case in district court went against us. So we appealed to High court in sept 2008. The lawyer charged huge amount us huge amt for admission Free (60000/-). 3. In 2009 case stands for final hearing, the lawyer demanded one lakh rupees as final hearing fee. We paid because we left with no choice and also we knew the case result will be on our side. 4. But from 2009 to april 2011 almost every month there is date for final hearing. But lawyer was not keen to dispose the case and gave many number reason to just prolong the case. We keep on calling the lawyer every alternate month, he went on saying definitely case will stand in summer, then diwali etc. But there was no date after April 2011. 5. In march 2013, lawyer filed application for fixing date citing my father's health problem. But almost two years nothing happens. In Jan 2015 we appear appear in court because the lawyer called us for date. But there was no listing of our case. Lawyer just called us to demand money. We said that we already paid 1lakh as final fee. But now lawyer refused it saying that he never had any record with him. He is asking the receipt which according to my father he never gave. We know that he is cheating us.. But we are more worried about the case. Please show us way how stepwise we proceed further.