What if I have been implicated in a false case?

Hi Someone has filed a false case against me under 420,467,468 and 471 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. I have a suspicion on someone who is a advocate himself. There is no way that I can be connected to the case since I have never ever visited Varanasi. The main intention of this is very complicated but the main point is that I have no connection to Varanasi whatsoever and the only person I know there is through a friend and that advocate has some misconception about me and somehow has made me his enemy. I am clueless as to what can I do since I have never been put into this kind of situation before neither I have any criminal background, I am heavily financially challenged and I have a 78 year old mother who is dependent on me and I am not even married. I have no idea how to handle this case. The only information i have is where this case was registered and the inspector's phone number who called me last Nov end about this ( To threaten me I think ). I am not being able to even get a copy of the FIR as I have been told that If I visit there then I will be arrested. And I cannot trust just any advocate there since I dont know if the person I am speaking to would be trust worthy or not. Please help me.