Wife is mentally torturing me but she is not ready for divorce

My wife is using extremely abusive language with me everyday saying I have multiple relationships which is not true. She uses extreme Hindi slangs in the worst way possible and I have recorded it all in my phone. I have been trying to stay with her since last 3 years, tried to handle each situation calmly, tried explaining to her but she does not understand. I have never retaliated to her bad language and always kept quiet. She abuses my parents and family also. I believe she is not fit mentally. We have a 5 year old boy. She uses such slang even in front of him, when I request her to stop so that at least our kid could be fine, she doesn't stop. I have informed my parents and family of the situation, they are all supporting me but worried if she may file a false 498a case. Yesterday, a small argument started between us, she tried to take my iPad from me, and scratched her nails all over my hands, I pushed her back, she got angrier and started pulling my hair. I tried to get away from her. She took her phone and called the police saying that I was trying to kill her. I called her dad to tell what she was doing. Somehow, I avoided the police from coming to my house. I'm in a very pathetic situation. I have asked her many times calmly for mutual divorce telling her it does not make sense to live together this way. However, she's is not ready and tells me I can get the papers but she would not sign. Her parents are also not supporting divorce. I'm also worried that she may file false dowry case against me. I give her about 25k monthly for expenditure whereas she tells others I don't give her money at all. I'm at the verge of falling into depression. She's not even ready for divorce. My kid is also getting mentally affected due to all this. I want to get away from get and live the rest of my life peacefully. Please tell me how to go about this situation.