Passport issued when a case is pending

Hi team, My wife has a case pending with her sister in law and that has come as a part of my wife's btoher's divorce. Thus she is accused with a criminal case of 'home torturing' her sister in law. This case is been going on in the court and she is under bail without any conditions made. Now, when we applied for a passport, we hadn't mentioned about the case and somehow the police verification got over without any issues. But, after 3 days the police man got to know about the case and he called us and said that the passport won't be given to us. So we were expecting that we won't get the passport. However, after a week we received her passport and there was nothing mentioned about the case in the same. The passport issue date is 15th of the month and the police man called us on 14th of the same month. So, we believe that, he would have sent the verification report at the beginning before he got to know about the case. And after he got to know about the case, he would have sent a separate report and that might have reached there after our passport got dispatched. Now, the thing is that....what can be the next steps?. I mean, will there by any issues on this later?. Also, can we try going out of the country with court's permission by using this passport?. Will there be any issues in airport like they will send us back saying we can't travel?. Thanks, Faisal