False (2) cases I) u/s 326, II) 290, 323, 506 IPC

Sir, Thanking yours valuable advise. Please see the following doubts and give your advise. 1] The Govt. Hospital 1st MLC as simple hurt was suppressed by the I.O., this MLC obtained by me under RTI Act was submitted to the Hon’ble Court during 313 Cr.PC to dispose the case. This MLC did not marked by court as exhibit nor examined the Govt. Hospital Medical practioner. Eventhough there is a scope to convict me U/s 323 IPC or by others sections. Please advise & elaborate it. 2] The Medical Officer who was issued 2nd MLC as grievous hurt, as he desposed that “he is not a registered Medical Practioner and he has no authority to issue MC” in lower court. Though Ex-D1 which was obtained by me under RTI Act from DM&HO also strengthen the above version of 2nd Mediacal Practioner. 3] As per the APAPMCE Act 2002 and Sec. 15 of MCI-1956 un-registered medical practioner has no right to 1] choose patient, 2] issue MC and 3] give evidence as an expert. 4] A study of the facts narrated supra, it is crystal clear that 1] the petioner was filed a false complaint, 2] I.O. suppressed the 1st MLC and filed forged MLC of 2nd Medical practioner, 3] which was issued 2nd MLC is a un-registered Medical Practioner, 4] the Hon’ble court abused its powers to convicted me to save the big personalities even the none of the witnesses were supported the contents of complaint and petitioner also partly turned hostile i.e. he deposed that he referredby police to Govt. Hospital only. 5] In these circumstances in the light of above judgments supra 1 to 5, my case is liable to set aside or not, please advise elaborately. And how I regain my job, name and fame etc. Please advise elaborately with related case judgments. 6] If Hon’ble HC set aside the lower court judgment, departmental proceedings can be initiated aginst me, as I am a dismissal Govt. Servant. Please advise elaborately. 7] If HC rejected to set aside the lower court judgment, is it required to me to obtain bail from Hon’ble SC/HC. Describe me.