Marital Discord

I got married in May'2013 through an arranged alliance from a matrimonial site. My wife is from Mathura and I am from Greater Noida. From the very second day of marriage, my wife started misbehaving with my parents and me. She wanted me to take care of her family and get her sister married with my money. She had even tried to physically hit my mother. In january 2014 I dropped her to Mathura for the delivery of our child and she had refused to come and live with me from that time. I am a commissioned Army officer and my wife had asked for maintenance as per army protocols which i have agreed to. She had also complained against me for harassment and dowry demands in her application to my unit. In the mean while i had tried several times to get in touch with her for reconciliation, but she never responded back. she had never let my family meet our child either. Now she had again given an application in Mathura police station and filed a case in the Mathura civil court saying the same and asking for maintenance for the child. I want your opinion and guidance on this and ask a few things. 1) can i file a case or Restitution of Conjugal Rights ? 2) How do i go about this if i want a divorce ? 3) how can i save my mother from harassment of 498A which she had threatened while we lived together ?