information about recovering my belongings from inlaws.

I was married on 5th december, 2013 in haryana. Then I moved to new zealand in march 2014 on a student visa and my husband joined me after a month on spouse visa. His elder brother and sister in law live here in NZ, while his parents are in india. He and his family demanded my family for money and mentally harrased me. He also commited domestic violence on me which i complained about to NZ police and the matter is in court now. I have taken protection orders, also we are legally separated now. I wanted to know if there is any chance that i can recover my belongings from his parents in india. I have all the proof of my belongings given by my family. since they have denied to return my belongings I could find no way out to solve my problem. I want to continue my studies here so i cannot stay in india for long court process so is there any way that i get my jewellery and other stuff back if I come to india for few days and complain to police about this will they help me to recover my property. Thanks