how to get divorce from my wife

sir,we are a middle class family from Nellore Ap.I have married a girl who resides at Chennai TN. they are relatives but not close.I was working in Chennai on software firm.My wife is also working.our married life was went on obstacles for 6 months.we are staying on her mom's home a portion for rent.we have got married on August 2013 at Nellore. After Feb 2014 I had got a job which is 30 kms away from her mom's home.the day I got job far away from her mom's home,she was telling that Ican't leave my brother in law,mom and my sister.My wife's elder sister and her husband also living on the same home on an another portion from last 8 years from the marriage.they are not having children for six years.before my marriage her sister got pregnancy. after 6 years of their marriage.after the marriage my wife is telling that I wouldn't like you and I would like to marry my brotherinlaw unfortunately I was married you.she was keep on giving me mentally irritating and behaves like very cruelly.she was telling that go out of my life and from my mom's home.I don't need you.I want to marry my brotherinlaw.we both are separated from last 10 months.we are calling my wife with the mediators from both he was telling that there is some astrological differences has been found from both of you and we cannot send your wife for next 10 months .but she was refusing to coming with me.she was threatening me and my family that I will file 498 and dvc cases on you people if you have spoken it out anywhere on me and my brotherinlaw. please help me out on this situation and how can I overcome this situation from my wife And she was also always comparing me with her brother-in-law.he left his parents and asking me to do the same but iam refusing to do that. How can we on safeguards while they had file false 498a,dvc and harrasement cases.I wouldn't not like to continue with this type of typical mindset wife.I want divorce from her we both are separated from last 10 months and what are the possibilities for them to file any false cases on us and if they filed any false cases then how can we get out of those cases.please help me on this case Thanks Waiting for ur valuable reply