my husband is living in bulgaria he went there for 20 years saying he is doing md in medicine still he has not completed studies neither working anywhere .i am having a boy kid after child birth he left us we have given him 30 lakhs as dowry through bank he deposited that in a private bank runned by his sister and getting interest and living with it we dont have any income and staying with my parents at present after 3 years of marriage i gave petition in police station regarting tourtoure by his parents and sister for bringing more money from my home as aresult police made them to compromise by giving half of interest money to me with that i was living now i gave a case for divorce and recovery of my money husband doesnt have any property so making his parents respondents my advocate attached his fathers property.now they stopped giving my money every month(interest)also my husband still in abroad is not reciving divorce application send by me neither his parents not reay to receive .i want to know what should i do to get my interest of money .what should i do to get divorce and recovery of the money