False complaint of harassment & Dowry by brother's wife

A false complaint has been at women's cell by wife of my middle brother against my parents including, youngest brother. We are three brothers, I am the eldest got married ten years back, working in defence and staying away from home since then. Complainant is the wife of the middle brother who got married five years back. Middle brother is working as technician in a company and staying independent since marriage. Youngest brother got married four years back. Both the families of the middle and youngest brothers are staying though separate but sharing our common house at my village. The house is built on our ancestral agricultural property for which the complete expenditure is born by me. Parents are staying with me since last five years and are completely dependent on me. Middle brother and his wife abuse and ill treat my parents whenever they go to our house in village only youngest brother takes there care during that period. Recently my middle brother, his wife and his father-in-Law were forcing my father to transfer one third of his property to his name. My father's property is still under common share and not distributed among my father and two uncles. Further my father insisted that he will not transfer the property till he is living. In order to force him to transfer the property middle brother's in law threatened to file a false case of dowry. Now they have filed this complaint at women cell alleging that my parents, me younger brother I'll treat her, beat her and demanding dowry from in laws of middle brother. In complaint there is no clear allegation against my middle brother but his name is also included apparently to justify their stand. My middle brother is completely in confidence with his in laws and is not even talking to patents or any brother. A call was received by my father from women cell to report there on 27 Jan 15, my father went there and asked for a copy of complaint which was refused but he was only allowed to read the complaint. Now they have called both parties again on 4 Feb 15 and insisted that all shall report there on the date. I being in Defence might not be able to go on the said date. On 27 Jan when my father went to women cell the dealing women official appeared completely in the influence of the complainant and her father. I feat thet being influenced in there favour they shall not take any false action against us... What we shall do.... Please advise.... Thanks... - Manoj Kumar