To protect my family frm False FIR section 420,376,328,506 & 34

My younger brother and my old mother has been falsely charged with section 420,376,328,506&34 by my brothers x-girlfriend. As they broke-up long back due to this girls physic behavior and recently a month back my brother went abroad for job and before leaving he applied for anticipatory bail on concern that this girl been regularly threatening him & my family (cze her relatives are in police) to marry or demanding money. But at tht time she confirmed to police that she do not Hv any grevience against my brother. But now after he had traveled abroad for job, she has logged FIR against my brother and my mother (sections as stated above) stating that somewhere 6 years back she was intoxicated with some drug and my brother raped her and since then he has been luring her with false promises of marrying her and based on which he is been sleeping with her. And against my mother that she agreed to get them married and then she went against their marriage. My mother was picked up from her school (shez teacher) by police with full convoye. And police is now hunting for my brother. His life is in great danger as these police (relatives of girl) Will kill him and on top these fakes charges are been filled to trap him and comple him to forceful get married to this girl. Kindly seek help us..please