NOC for car tarnsfer

Dear sir I am from Solan Himachal. My brother in law purchased a Honda city car from bangalore and he got the job in UK. He has kept his car with me. Car regsitration number is KA i.e karnataka, Kormangla. Last time he came to us and signed the form for getting the NOC. I sent the documents to Super seval bangalore for getting the NOC. But there was signature mismatch. I have paid Rs 3500/ to Mr hari Krishanof Super sewak. My brother in law also sent an authorisationletter in favour of me as well as copy of adhaar card siging both his signatures and writing that both signatures belong to him. but Mr hari Krishan of super sewa services is sayinn that RTO is not issuing the NOC neither he is returning the oroginal documents including original RC Book. Some times he says that RTO will Charge extra money. Another time he says that RTO won't give NOC and owner of the vehicle has to go to RTO office bangalore to Sign the documents then only NOC will be issued. Sir owner is in UK and moreover he has'nt got time to goto Bangalore specially for signing the documents. Pl tell me what is the saolution now Web site of Super sewa is Concerned person is Mr Harikrishan Regards Amit Sareen