498a misuse

It has been only 1 year since we married and staying separately from last 7 months. Due to misunderstanding between me and father-in-law, he got lodged false complaint under domestic voilence with my wife for his personal issue. Initially, me & my spouse have been counselled at police station where they lodged the complaint. They were failed to prove their lies as truth themselves. Finally, the counsellors directed me and my spouse to stay together with both signatures on bindover. I expressed my willingness to take my wife to continue our married life. But, she and her parents refused that verdict and left from there without giving bindover. They don't respond to my parents and their behaviour is very nuisance. We don't know what is their intention and why they are creating to make me un-happiness. I feel very discomfort with their behaviour in this society. My decision is up to her whether she is willing or not. Can I wait for some time for her returns? I can wait, but I can't bear such her father cheep tricks. Please advice what actions can be taken to go ahead.