Illegal termination of a permanent teacher from a school

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Respected Sir/Madam Subject : Illegal and Wrongful Termination of Permanent service by the Principal of St.James’ School and subsequently by the Principal of La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata through their conspiracy and malafied intentions and my fighting for survival and dignity . This is to inform you that I, Mr. Kushal Kumar Shaw, a citizen of India and a “Commerce and Accounts “ teacher by profession have currently become the victim of injustice inflicted on me by the Principal of the two most “Reputed Institutions” of Kolkata , namely ‘The. St .James School and La Martiniere for Boys through their “conspiracy and unconstitutional behavior”. Thus fighting for survival and my dignity thereby, I am knocking the door of your renowned forum so as to unravel the real truth behind this mystery of “repeated illegal termination” of my job and bring it to the attention of the public domain. In short, here is my “Essay of Mishap”. On the basis of the advertisement given in The Telegraph dated 04th April 2011, I placed an application for the post of “Commerce and Accounts Teacher” in St .James School and subsequently I was appointed and joined the said School from 13th June 2011. On 16th December 2011, the Principal, Mr.T.H.Ireland all of a sudden handed me a “Termination Letter” to which I was not only shocked but utterly disgruntled. Moreover, being an ex-student of St.James School, I never expected the School Management to be so biased and ruthless in this regard ,but instead a kinder and gentler approach. After the above mentioned mishap, by the spate of my good fortune, I made myself way to La Martiniere for Boys through the demo class and clearing the interview with the Board Of Governers of the said institution . Thus on 28th of May 2012, I joined La Martiniere as a “Commecre and Accounts Teacher” on a probation basis of one year. Subsequently, after successfully completing the probationary period, I was made “Permanent Teacher” through the letter dated 17th May 2013. Suddenly on 17th December 2013, the School Authority sended me a “Termination Letter” of my job at my residential address with Three months’ salary .However neither any show cause letter nor any reason was given for the termination decided upon by the Management of La Martiniere for Boys. Being an M.Com .B.Ed, I was recruited and confirmed as a teacher of “Commerce and Accounts” but suddenly the present Principal Mr Sunirmal Chakravathi, forcefully and brutally pressurized me to teach Mathematics in the lower classes. He later started complaining to me that as I was not up to the mark in teaching Mathematics, I should personally place down the Resignation with my own hand and when I did not place it, the School terminated me. Thus my confirmation of service was made on the basis of the subject “Commerce and Accounts” but my termination was done on the basis of the subject “Mathematics” . I went to The Bishop of Kolkata not only as a man of a religious head but also as the acting Chairman of the Institutions, but to my surprise, he did not meet us and turned a blind-eye in this regard. Is it because that I am not a CHRISTIAN, that’s why he did not meet me? I am really clueless till date about the “Transparency and Accountability” of both these Institutions and being an earning head of my family, it’s a big blow for “ me and my livelihood” . In order to find out the real truth behind this conspiracy hatched on me by both the above mentioned Principals and to delve into this matter in a comprehensive and subjective manner, I have lodged a case In The Calcutta High Court so that I am not denied of Justice and get the fair judgment and regain my battered self-esteem. For your better understanding, I am forwarding all the necessary documents issued by both the Institutions. my battered self-esteem. For your better understanding, I am forwarding all the necessary documents issued by both the Institutions. Thanking You Yours Faithfully (KUSHAL KUMAR SHAW) ([deleted])