Family case

Hi sir, I am wife and currently my husbad filed case agaist me under saction 13(1)(b) . We got married as on 28/05/2010. And after some fight at home . During my brother marriage they told to stay for one month and after that they will take back. But in function of my marriage they do not come . And as he is my father shop licences my father think that they will not take back his girl and also not leave shop so my father decided to keep one meeting and in that they decided to get back shop and my husband family decided that at time of back of shop divorce need to be done . As they want to end all relationship But as I am not ready to give divorce I not given this all done around dec 2011. After that in july 2012 I have filed case u/s 9 of hindu act . In reply that my husband filed case u/s 13(1)(a). But this case get dismissed in 2015 . Order bot in any one favour. I just want to know what is my negative point in case And what plus point in my case As I do not want to give divorce. I want to give one chance to my marriage but my husband under eco that he do not want to give any chance. Also he his telling one point that you have not tried any time to reconcile. But I just want to say I want to save my marriage .