I got married in 24 June, 2012. It was arranged. Soon within 1 month i.e. 24 July, 2012 I left my husband and came back to live with my parents. And since then I am staying with my parents i.e. for now 2 and half years. The reason I left him is because he and his mother started demanding dowry and tortured me physically and mentally. They demanded money, home appliances, jewelries, etc. My husband sexually harassed and abused me. He took away my personal savings and his mother took way all my jewelries. Also he didn't give me any money out of his salary or didn't pay my mobile bills. He didn't take me to doctor when I was sick. He insulted my family and used dirty language while communicating with them or while talking about them. Likewise there are many reasons. The main reason I left him was that on 24th July, 2012 afternoon, he demanded me to bring Rs.1,00,000 for ordering furniture and gold chain from my parents. I refused to accept his demand and then he started beating me. He punched me, slapped me and pushed me on the bed. He took away my cellphone and threw it in the corner of the room due to which it stopped working. He then started pressing my neck with his both hands and his mother hold my hands down. As self-defense I kicked him hard in stomach with my legs and he fell to ground. They kicked me outside of the house. I went to my neighbors for help, called my parents from their phone and waited outside my house till night for my parents' arrival. And at night, I left with them for home. At that time my mental condition was worse and I was in no condition to talk. So we didn't go for medical checkup or police station. We went to Mahila Mandal and did FIR in police station in September, 2012. I had such bad experience at that time, I was so scared and the incident is still fresh in my mind, the sensation I can still feel it. I don't want to go to him or live with him ever again. I want divorce. And this is my final decision. But he is still not ready to give me divorce and sent me notice from court to come back and stay with him within 7 days. And if I don't then they will put case against me in court stating that my father demanded 25 lacs from him for paying my house loan amount. Please give me proper advice and guidance how can I get divorce from him?