Neighbour Harrassment

Hello Sir, I am a resident of bangalore named Hakimi (name changed). I am staying in an apartment in richmond town area. I moved here two months back. I live on ground floor of the apartment which has 4 more floors. My neighbour from first floor has been regularly fighting with us since the day we moved in. He has been accusing us of creating noise and disturbing him. He has had fights with us over 4 times now and this is creating health issues for my parents. The neighbour is regularly yelling at us and has been threatening to take legal actions. His accounts of noise pollution are -> Noise due to shifting (we had just moved in to new apartment) -> moving a cylinder from one pace to another (happened only one and when we had just moved) -> talking a phone call and talking loudly -> discussion with family over some personal issues My doubts are, can he legally sue us. If he cannot can I take legal actions against him and file a mental harrassment case. Please shed your expert views on this issue.