Need legal help to save my life from my parents.

I have serious threat from my parents. My mother hates me and my father can never take a stand for me. My mother used to beat my from childhood she still does. I can't even protect myself because my mother and elder brother beat me every now and then for no reason at all. They have made me a slave. My mom stopped my education. It has been over a year. My dad can't even take a stand for me even if he wants to. My brother beats me like hell. I am helpless. My mother is a very selfish and greedy woman she controls my dad. She owns everything she rules my life and treats me like a servant. I don't want much i just wanted to get an education so that i can survive but my mom doesn't want me to study. They have threatened me if i run away they'll file a police complaint saying that i robbed something. I can't do anything. My mom just wants to ruin my life. She wants her other two sons to go ahead of me in life. She wants to keep me as a servant. I need legal help to understand what can the law do for me? Can i get a share of my father's property? Is it not possible to ask for my share in my parents property? I just want to complete my education. Isn't it a crime to waste your own child's life? Why can't police protect me from being harassed ? I tried to file a complaint against them in nearest police station but the police didn't pay attention to it. They didn't find my complaint serious enough. My mom bribed one police guy and told him to beat me. Yesterday. I am very afraid and feeling like i should commit suicide or something. My life is completely ruined. You're my last hope sir/madam pls help me.