False allegation under D V A act by wife

I got married(nikah) 2010 after 8 years of courtship.after married my wife started to blackmail me to leave my parents home so I took rented flat.again she started giving pressure to spend her own lavish life.she used spend all house expenses in costly dress.when I started object she try to give warn for sucide.so I complained to local police about her warning and cruelty.we have three years old daughter but even she dosnt care her.i kept made for taking care of my daughter.for further blackmailing she she cut her wrist and I caled the police and took her hospital she told the police she was in depression.after 1 year again she starred fight and call the police after written statement police sent her to women cell,went there gave my written statement.within year I got the notice under Dv act filled by my wife made allegation of physical violance asked Maitanance while she working and earning 25 k per month.however I spending all expenses child education,rent,household,home loan,and she never contribute her salary.i m in mental,physical and financial trauma.one mediation done and she asking 2 crore damage and 5 lakh per month maintainace. Plz advice am I liable for this as I am earning 50 k per month and spent all in household maintainace.