The employer refuses to pay salary after leaving the company.

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a Civil Draftsman & my X company is An Engineering Pvt ltd. I joined my x company in 26th April 2012 & my wife joined that company on 1st February 2012. The first quarter of the year of our career in that company was okay, but after some time they constantly failed to make salaries on time which affects our financial condtion reached at critical stage so we both leaved that company on 2nd June 2014. 1-1/2 months later on request of MD, I joined that company again without demanding any raises or benefits. (my wife was unable to join cause she was pregnant) It was his request to support him & He promised me that he will make my pay on time which he obviously broke. Still I supported them until my last months but due to my financial condition reached at very critical stage. (e.g. I was not able to to pay my wife's medical expenses & even not able to arranged money for my babies naming ceremony). Whenever I asked him to make my payments he always says "I'll do it in next week" & so on. So I decided to resign (With 1 month notice period) & I did. But now he is refusing to make my payments. He is also not made any payments of my wife for the month of April 2014 & 1/2 month of May. My 2-1/2 month salary + Bonus + PF (Which they have deducted but failed to give us PF A/C No.) is balance. There are total 4 peoples (Me, My wife & 2 of my friends) whom I know. Please Help me out. My Mail Id is : [deleted] Mob no. is : +[deleted]