Interim maintenance

Dear team, I got married in October 2013 have 2.5 yr old husband is not. Literate however iam. Iam not working since marriage as per advertisement they gave. My mother in law was unwell since marriage and before bed ridden.itook care of her. After pregnancy we hired attendant. Before marriage only few signs he showed like staring at girls and comments.there is not a single day we have not fought. Since marriage he is asking for money in the name of help.staying on rent. Told us they have flat. But said sold due to money crunch.he blame me that because of me he borrowed money.although the truth is he has taken all the money. Immediately after marriage he stole my gold set even marriage ring.keep on asking my mother s set too.He is under his sister s and jija influence.they say he took 20lacs from him for rent shop his jija hold him for sale etc.wat Shud I do he has beaten also.he is only interested in physical he is not paying fully for basic bread and butter.landlord insults. Wat Shud I do.he asks me to do job.keep saying g take help from sisters.He took away home too for four months. Also sold ac,Almirah and still say will sell more stuff. Hehas Chinese food van at posh area.says no sale and also since he has to give sale to pay interest amount.pls guide