Ancestral way to the house is blocked.

I am a residence of a village in Savant wadi (Konkan ) Maharashtra . My village has evolved from one single family . As the families started to grow bigger they started to separate themselves from the ancestral house and build houses in the property . Now we have 5 houses which are 600 meters away from the main road . On mutual understanding a walking pathway was given to all the houses . This pathway is been used for about 100 years. But it is not registered as a pathway . Recently one of the property owner has blocked a part of the way and his argument is this is my property and there is nothing legal about the pathway. They have encroached the way by building a fence. Now we don't have assess to our house .Because our house is all surrounded by properties of different owners and others are not willing to give way . Kindly advise what legal measures to be taken .We have tried for amicable settlement to pay the owners for the way yet they are not willing . I have my mother who is 85 years old and its difficult for her to move out.. Kindly advise