About purchasing and usage of License of Royalty-Free Music

Hello I am a freelancer motion graphic designer.I want to create and sell custom made animation videos to my online clients. I want to create my gig on Fiverr website and sell logo animation videos there.The buyers have to purchase my gig and they have to send me their logos.I will just create a logo animation video shown in sample video there.Then I will send them the end product. My end product will be a video file(incorporated audio) and since I am creating the visuals I will own all rights about the video but I want to purchase audio file for my end product as background music. There will be multiple buyers and for each client I will create new video using same audio file.After delivering end product to each client,their usage will depend on my clients only, if they want to upload on YouTube,Vimeo or any other site and monetize it or they want to use in presentation or broadcast it. I want to make sure that I am purchasing an audio file with proper license My clients should not get in any trouble for copyright issues if they use video and monetize it. In case of any copyright notice,how will my client and/or I can dispute it? I want to purchase audio file from stock website Pond5 and the license agreement is here:- http://www.pond5.com/legal/license Thank you