Physically handicapped transfer in same city on admin ground

I am working in a Govt bank and I am a physically handicapped by one hand.I was initially posted to Loan processing cell at local head office.After 3 days of my reporting,I have been transferred to one of our branch in the same city,and the girl working in that branch is transferred to my place on administrative grounds.The problem with that branch is heavy workload with too many no of customers with only officer responsible to handle that and customer in that area is bit rude,coz majority work is related to govt schemes.Means more work less only one person should handle that.No officer is ready to go to that branch.Wen I asked my local top management,how can u transferred me to such a branch,they said u dont have right to question and being a handicap u want pay without work,how can u say that it is diff to work in this branch.People r telling that being a handicap u can ask for nearest place of posting to my native but not the choice of office.So in this case it may be within the same city but I feel discriminated and working there uncomfortably.I asked our union leader to undo the same or give me any other place but they r just saying wait for some time if any new people comes will do it. Sir I am totally confused what to do next ...can i take legal steps against the discrimination and injustice done to me.Pls advise..Thanks