Wife filed false 498A,323,504,506,377 in Ghaziabad

My intelligent wife and there more intelligent parents married her daughter with me 6 months back. All was going on smoothly n she got pregnant too but after 3 months of marriage, for no reason her parents came to matrimonial house in Ajmer and abused my father, beaten me and took girl away just 2 days before her first karwachouth. I resisted but wife had already played her game by calling there parents. No one was at Home apart from my father, me n my younger sister. I wrote a letter to DIG, ACP Jaipur but they did not took my complaint written but i mentioned this to them in my email the same day she eloped. I did nit called her for obvious reasons as she has beaten me n left house at her own will, now after 2.5 months i got a notice from police in ghazabad to mediate as she has filed complaint. I also came to know that she has aborted my child too which shockened me n shatterred me that how can a bitch do this. After 2 mediation things she filed FIR and even when i asked her to cone home (which i definitely dont want at any cost). Now i have filed RCR in Ajmer. I dont have a FIR copy yet and asked for mediation from court on 27 January. I need anticipatory bail before that. Accused are all my family members. Please suggest me how to move forward and suggest me a good (and reasonable) lawyer in Ghaziabad who gets bail for us before i go to Ghaziabad. Police also asking for bribe which i neglected and said i m ready to face the false as i dont have money. Plz help me.