Legal Advice

Hello Sir, On Nov 24 2014 i got married in mangalore. On 8th Dec 2014 i came along with my wife and my parents here in pune. My parents left on 10th dec back to hometown. From 10th to 19th i was alone with my wife. We didnt had proper sexual contact. Only we were little closed to each. We tried but my organ didnt got inserted in her so we were not able to make sexual contact. And many times i observe she was not comfortable for it so i too didnt forced for it. As i used to go office she used to be alone in home from morning 9 to night 10. On weekends i saw she used to hide her mobile and lied me many times. so on 19th we had fight on whats app chat. In that chat we had fighted and in some moment i had given her bad words. After that we were calm and we were not talking. On 19th her mom dad came and there return ticket was on 4th jan2015. In these days i didnt talked with my wife. These all days i used to get proper breakfast lunch dinner.No complaint in that but after her mother came they started new rule that i should have it my own from kitchen. When i used to come from office at night i used to get cold food. so one day i asked them to give me hot food y she doesnt serve me. Her mom said that is she servant of you to serve you and all. So i was angry and without saying anything i left the home and went to friends home to stay. While going her mom said to me that if i leave she will take her daughter back to there home town. I said ok in anger and left. Now all these days i was calm. Didnt spoked to any one. On 30th dec they mesg me in evening that they are going to bombay. Without my permission they took her. My dad and i tried to call them. There phone was continous ringing but no one answered us. Next day my wife mesg me that they are going to hometown for few days. On 8th it was decided on call to meet in bangalore for settlement. My mother in law told my sister husband to convey mesg that i should come bangalore for further discussion. i went to bangalore. But the discussion was not good. it was pretty hot discussion. Now my wife is saying that i should leave the pune and come & settle in bangalore then only she will live with me else not. Her mom said that they have consulted lawyer and that lawyer has advised that divorse can be only after 1 year. Till now i have not fighted with my wife face to face when she was with me. i have not beated her nor abused bad face to face. it was on whats app chat She and me were 8 days alone. After all this also on Jan14. i mailed her and her mom nicely to come back i sms her i called her still they are adamant that are not going to come and they want me to leave pune and go to bangalore. Which i cant do. i cant leave my parents and go. I want advice from you. if in future we file divorse what are the circumstances. As we have lived just 8 days alone. one more thing i want to share you that we didnt demanded any dowry and all. It was decided that girls mom was going to settle home materials after marriage. She had purchased 63000 rupees household items and have given me 25000 rupees for flat deposit and 3 months rent.