Correction of fdp

Hello Sir, My self Basavaraj Muddalagundi. This is regarding the correction of FDP.. Our suit property issue was won in the district and high court as well. Later on compromise happened between 2 parties ((My mother and her relatives (son of her elder father)). Compromise related to Suit Sy No: A,B,C,D,E and F. Problem is that Sy No: A and B are area not matching with the land records (Nakasha). Which we assumed A is B in land records and vice versa. But Revenue department implemented as per FDP (DC order) without finding this mistake (infact it is there duty). Now in the same land we are selling some portion. At this time surveyor raising this issue. Finally we both the parties agree (should) as per enjoyment (chackbandi). Now does this issue can be resolved in front of AC or ADLR or DDLR. OR It should go back to the court for correction, which limited to suy, No: A and B. If I go to court for correction, is there any possibilities of entry of new party as objection. If so it will be really painful. Because we already fraught 14 years for the same. OR corrections can be made only related to Suy No: A and B without any other oblogations, retaining all other terms and conditions. Please advice. Basavaraj M